Haas Woodworking will create custom parts for your stairway project, whether it's a remodel or new construction.

Bring us a sample that you want us to copy and we'll duplicate what you already have.

Or send us a drawing and exact measurements and we'll create it for you new. For complicated shapes like handrail up-easings, down-easings or returns it usually works best if you can send us a template of the exact size and shape you need. Or if you are not certain what you need, talk to us! Our expert craftsmen have years of experience working closely with customers to help the accomplish their goals.

Typical stair parts we can produce or reproduce include:

  • Stair treads
  • Handrails
  • Handrail returns, up-easings, and down-easings
  • Newel post caps
  • Baseboard cap up-easings and down-easings
  • Trim moldings of all kinds

Here's an example of a mahogany handrail return. The customer needed three of these. Small quantities are not a problem.

Stair Parts