Choosing siding for your project or home is an important matter. Aesthetically, the choice in siding helps determine a building's character and appeal. But more importantly, it's the outermost skin that protects against the elements so it's vital to consider the material's durability, water resistance, and ease of installation. Wood siding is simple to work with; it can be nailed, sawed, trimmed or cut easily and it is lightweight. Wood siding can also be painted or stained to your taste.

We mill bevel siding; these planks of wood are installed horizontally so the upper piece always overlaps the lower piece. Western red cedar, redwood and Accoya® are considered the best choices for siding as they are not only appealing, but also durable.

You can really dress up a house with decorative exterior molding and trim. Dentil molding, gingerbread trim or a gable pediment are only a few of the many types of exterior millwork available. Of course, considering the architectural style of your house is very important when choosing exterior moldings and trims. But when they are chosen right, they create harmony and add a touch of sophistication.

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