San Francisco Victoriana Profiles, Mouldings, Knives

If you are looking for mouldings and other profiles formerly provided by San Francisco Victoriana, you're in the right place.

San Francisco Victoriana Catalog

San Francisco Victoriana was a provider of ornamental building materials including crown mouldings, chair rail, baseboard, door & window casing, woodturnings, and many other details. Sadly, they closed up shop in 2015 but they gave us permission to copy all their knives. Now we provide the same classic profiles they used to offer.

San Francisco Victoriana was a staple for people remodeling or refurbishing Victorian, Craftsman, Edwardian, and other classic homes, and for folks adding a touch of elegance to any new construction or remodel. Commercial and residential customers came from all over California and the West for their products. Haas Woodworking is now carrying on that tradition.

Call us or use our online form to find out about any San Francisco Victoriana product. If you have one of their catalogs, give us the catalog number and we'll find it in our knife library. And if we don't have it, we can re-create it from your drawing, your sample, or the drawings in the SFVictoriana catalog.