Balusters & Spindles

Our craftsmen have turned just about all types and sizes of balusters and spindles. They can be very simple in design or very intricate. They can be used as ornamental pieces on buildings, decorating walls, porches and stairways. They are also key elements of chairs, beds, tables, and other furnishings. Balusters and spindles are also part of any railing or stair system. We most often turn them out of maple, poplar, oak, and western red cedar, but other material can be used according to taste and function.

We also mill and turn all other components of a railing or stair system - newel posts, post caps, post trim rings, etc.

Below is a photo of thirty mahogany balusters we turned in June 2017. The customer provided a master, salvaged from the stairway they were remodeling. But that master was too short to suit their redesigned stairway, so our craftsmen lengthened it and made thirty perfect copies.

Thirty mahogany balusters